There is No Final Destination…..

I know we all have to figure it out for ourselves but I hear so, so, so often:

“What do I do when I get done with this 3 month fitness package?”

“If I do this for 12 weeks and I lose all this weight, will it just come back?”

“Oh, I can’t wait until I this transformation contest is over so I can eat ________ again.”

This is another lesson I have learned over the past 9 years on my fitness and fat loss journey, there is no final destination, you don’t actually get there and then stop, you don’t actually arrive at your destination or goal and park it.

It is an ongoing journey.
What would happen if you put gas in your car every week for 3 months and then just stopped?

You would not get anywhere in that car, right?

What if you did laundry, maybe one load per day, to keep it from piling up and then you stopped?

The laundry pile would get bigger and bigger and bigger, right?

What if, in order to stay organized and keep on top of your business you checked emails once a day but then decided to only check a couple of them, now and again but pretty much stopped following up on those messages?

Your inbox would over flow; you would lose control of your business, right?

So, what if you did a fitness program and exercised almost every day, and started eating clean, cutting down or cutting out all the simple carbs and followed the advice of a professional and you lost 20-30 pounds in 12 weeks and then you stopped?

Your 20-30 pounds would come right back, and then you would start to gain more.

Trust me I know.

Being healthy, being fit and reaching and maintaining your ideal body composition is a journey. You set and reach goals but you must keep going to maintain those goals and you must set new ones in order to keep the journey relevant.

One of the coolest things about staying on the journey is the learning process. I have learned so much about my body and what works for me and what doesn’t. If I quit every time something didn’t work then I would never see the things that do work and if I quit every time something did work and I made progress then I would have to re-do that every time! I surround myself with information and I keep educating myself in things that will help me on my journey.

I appreciate the journey, I know that I am never going back to 217 pounds and I am never going back to 197, 187 or 177. I am on my way to 167, 157, and 147 and then ….. I will not stop. I will keep working on new goals, keep climbing and creating a more interesting journey.

We all have a different story and we are all on our own journey and one of the ways to stay on that journey is to share our experience with others. That is a vital part for me. Maybe, something I share might help someone and I know that you have something to share with a friend or a family member that will help them.
I have made a long term, commitment for life to eat clean and continue to challenge my fitness level and I set my goals around that.

Have you started your journey and stopped? Are you back on your journey now? Have you committed to it being a lifelong process? I hope you are able to think long term for your health and fitness and hope that you share your experience with others! You can even share with us by commenting below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will share Lesson #3: Our Children Are Our Future

Your friend,
Tiffany Larson

P.S. Are you ready to start your journey? We can work together….. You can start on 5/17 with our Summer Slim Down


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