Napa Boot Camp Transformation Contest Winners

The results are in and the winners lost a combined weight of 121.4 pounds and that was just the top 4 — in 12 weeks!

A big congratulations to all of our contestants all of you did a great job and I acknowledge how tough it can be to start a fat loss program so you should be very proud of all your efforts. We are proud of you!

Our top four winners are:

1st Place: Rick Lair (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)
2nd Place: Crystal Britto (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
3rd Place: Bob Clark (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
4th Place: Rebecca Offer (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)

All the results are listed below!

If they can do this in 12 weeks just imagine what you could do, if you want to start your journey you can start with our Summer Slim Down program starting May 17th. Click Here for more details about Napa Boot Camp, Sonoma Boot Camp or St. Helena Boot Camp.

I will post my final Lessons Ive Learned post tomorrow. I thought everyone would be inspired by these AMAZING results today!

Your Friend,
Tiffany Larson


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