Can’t or Won’t ? And some updates…

I have some fun, new, exciting stuff below. Be sure to read this email….

First, just a quick note on something to think about this week….

The difference between “can’t” and “won’t”…..

I get a lot of phone calls and emails and Jeff talks with many of you on a daily basis…. Here are some examples of things we hear on a regular basis (if these don’t apply to you, just skip):

– I “can’t” follow the meal plan…. I am just too busy. (Which might mean, I “won’t” follow the meal plan because my goals and my health are not important enough. However, if my boss needed me to work overtime I would, and I would drive to extra games and practices if my kids wanted to do extra sports and I“won’t” ask my partner (husband/wife) to support me because their time is more important than mine.) If this is you, I encourage you to make the time, to put your health and your goals back on the priority list and let the people in your life know that you could use their support, boss, kids, hubby, friends. What’s good for the goose……. Well you know what I mean. Stop making yourself last place, or none for that matter.

– I “can’t” lift that (fill in the blank) (sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbell medicine ball). (Which might mean, I “won’t” TRY to lift that because I have never done it before and I am worried or scared that I won’t be able to OR I am worried or scared that lifting heavy weights will cause me to bulk up.) If this is you, I encourage you to try new things frequently. You would be amazed at what you can do and what kind of progress you break into when you break out of your comfort zone! What is wrong with trying? Grab Jeff, or your trainer and say, I want to use that heavier item, will you walk me through it real quick so I can do it safely…. I want to see what I am capable of! (of course if you are modifying for injury like I am right now, wait until you are better :o) And remember, heavier weights means less reps, but NOT less work. AND women, we can’t bulk up at boot camp. Getting “bulky” or large defined muscles requires a VERY specific diet and supplementation and a VERY specific type of training and lifting a heavier weight a few days per week at boot camp WILL NOT make that happen. It will however, help you get stronger, and more confident and burn more fat.

This week I want you to look and listen to the times that you say I can’t….. I can’t get to camp, at 5:30am… I can’t stop drinking wine to reach my goals, I can’t give up Starbucks, I can’t run, I can’t workout at all because of my (fill in the blank) hip, shoulder, knee, ankle, foot, etc…. You know what I mean.
Instead, ask yourself, is it I “can’t” or I “won’t”? And if it I REALLY is I “can’t” ask yourself this, WHAT CAN I DO? Can I walk part and run part? Can I modify camp to meet my needs? Can I get to bed earlier to get to camp earlier so I will get it done? Can I ask for help?

Put away the I CAN’T hat because it is sooooo last year! Break out the I CAN hat this week. I know that you CAN, so see what you CAN accomplish this week!

And if you need help, let me know!


A BIG Congratulations to all the campers from Napa, Sonoma & St. Helena
that participated in our Spring Into Action Transformation Contest that just
ended on Saturday. 70 people lost over 708 pounds in only 6 weeks!!
Most of them losing between 10 – 30 pounds each. So exciting!!

1st Place Winners – $350 Each – Total Reduction 9.9%
Team St. Helena!
Brent Pierce (28lbs.)
Max Katzmartsic (31lbs.)
Brandy Mills (15lbs.)
Kevin Mills (19lbs)
Lisa Wicker (12lbs)

2nd Place Winners – $250 Each – Total Reduction 8.4%

Team Chatty Cathy’s
Kelly Leonardi (14lbs)
Colleen Harder (20lbs)
Kim Jackson (10lbs.)
Heather Nations (5lbs)
Dayna Giannacoli (14lbs)

3rd Place Winners – $150 Each – Total Reduction 7.4%
Team Fab-U-Less Friends
Katey Taylor (17lbs)
Anne Rossitter (16lbs)
Elizabeth Moore (9lbs)
April Hunter (15lbs)
Tiffany Kuehl (14lbs)

Suck It Up Saturday:
Band Stretching for Recovery & Performance
Saturday 4/23 @ 9:30am

Everyone has been asking for this class, if you have a stretch band
you will need it for this class, if you don’t we have them for $20.
Once you know how to use the band you will be able to
use it at home and at camp for optimal stretching and
recovery work. But also use it while traveling or during week off for an
“in room” workout.
You will learn the dynamic stretching routine that Jeff uses and
band techniques to improve performance.
You will feel better after leaving this class!

934 Enterprise Way, #D
Open to 15 people to Reserve a Spot Email me .
$15 (bring your own band)
$35 (we provide band)

Free Kids Camp!
Tuesday 4/19 & Thursday 4/21
934 Enterprise Way, #D
3:45 pm 6-9 Years Old
4:20 pm 10-13 Years Old
To Reserve a Spot for Your Child:
Email or Call Us OR 707-479-0966
See The Kids in Action Here

NEW -Weekend Warrior Boot Camp
Starts 5/14

*Boot Camp Saturdays 8:30am
*Boot Camp To Go Home System
*Meal Plan by Registered Dietician
*4 Saturdays Per Session in Napa

$87 per month Warriors Only
$47 boot camp package add on

Reserve Your Spot By Emailing

NEW -Semi Private Training
(3) – Four Week Sessions
5/10/11 – 8/12/11
Tuesdays & Thursdays
11:45am to 12:45pm
This is designed for someone that wants
more personal attention than a large group
session offers. But at a fraction of the
cost of personal training.

This is a unique opportunity to work with
Jeff Larson in a much smaller venue, focusing
on your more specific needs. You will receive
a personal fitness program based on your
goals that will enhance your boot camp
experience and move you closer to your goals.

4 monthly payments of $159

Only 3 spots still available, reserve your
opportunity by email

Napa River Rock & Stroll – Join The Team!
Saturday, 9/24/11 @ 8:30am

Yay! This is my favorite event of the year.
and for such a great organization…
Cope Family Center
We have lots of fun with all of our campers every year!
Register Here Search for the Napa Adventure Boot Camp Team


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