Make your ‘better, best”….

Hope you had a great weekend, despite the November like weather here in the Valley
:o(….. oh well, just make the best of it right?

We have a couple of great things coming up this week, and beyond so I have shared some of that info below….

I wanted to share a quote with you and hopefully get you revved up for another week of stellar performance.

“Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.”
This is a great quote considering our testing we did last week and the improvements we can make as we move forward.

I often ask myself, especially during fitness, but in many other areas too…. “is this the best you can do?” “Come on Tiffany you have more in you and you can squat deeper, run faster, lay more out on the line….”

Do you ask yourself that question each time you set forth into your workout? Do you take the time to turn inward and check yourself? Tune out the chatter for a second and talk with yourself…….

I encourage you to take a look….and encourage yourself be better.

I also encourage you to break out of your norm. If, in a 50 second work period you can do 15 push ups, why not progress yourself and start doing push ups from your toes, yes maybe you are only going to get half that number but you are getting better and still working equally as hard (if not harder). Maybe you have rest at the bottom, maybe you lower down on your toes and raise up on your knees, but you are working towards a better push up.

When you squat, are you going as deep as you can? Why not try to do 10 squats, lower than the bench rather than 30 ‘kind of’ squats. Range of motion is just as important has amount of reps. Your body will thank you for giving it something different and giving it a new challenge. Have you ever squatted with your butt to your ankles with accurate spinal alignment? Maybe that is something to try for! How low can you go?

If you have been using the same size weight for more than 3 camps, it is time to move up! Let your body know its time to try something new, we are going to ‘adapt’ to a new challenge. If you have been doing the same weights for months now, you have ‘adapted’ your muscles have ‘adapted’ ……… once you have ‘adapted’ you are kind of wasting your time, so move it on up!

When you sprint, are your running like a pit bull is chasing you or are you running like a jog through a pasture of beautiful daisies? Try, pushing that a little harder, see where you can take it……. you might surprise yourself.

Now listen, I realize that some of us (myself included right now) may have certain modifications we need to make for certain exercises, but don’t lean on that. Don’t let it be the reason you don’t work harder at other things. One of the great things about this camp is we can modify anything and anyone can do it. But make sure that you don’t let your modification of one thing hold you back from others. And if you don’t have any modifications, then don’t hold back, go to that place just outside of your comfort zone, get better, get results, surprise yourself and build up your confidence! It is the best place to be in my opinion!

Ask your coaches for progressions on how to get better, let them help you move to that next level! They will be ecstatic that you are wanting their help to go there!

Tell me how you do with this over the course of the next week……. I love to hear your success!

Okay now onto some upcoming events….

Suck It Up Saturday
A.B.S.= (Abs, Butt, Shoulders)

This class is going to target those abs, butts &
shoulders. It should be awesome for all those looking
to get better, tighter and stronger in those areas!
Jeff’s been dying to give you this class for awhile…..

Saturday, 5/21 @ 8am
$15 Members/ $20 Non-Member(guests)

934 Enterprise Way, Suite D

15 people only – must reserve a spot by email.

Nutrition Talk
We will go over fat loss strategies,
how to eat for optimal fat loss. We
will go over all your questions regarding
nutrition, meal plans, when to eat, what
to eat and how to get the body you want.
This is a very interactive talk.

Saturday, 5/21 @ 9:15 am

934 Enterprise Way, Suite D

RSVP via email.

Napa River
Rock & Stroll – Join The Team!

Saturday, 9/24/11 @ 8:30am

Search for the
Napa Adventure Boot Camp Team

Have an excellent week everyone!!!!!!!!!


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