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Napa Boot Camp’s Goal Setting 101

Setting goals will enable you to eliminate the distractions in your life and help you to focus on the really important things.  By knowing exactly what you want, you’re able to concentrate on specific areas with more accountability and focus. Goals allow you to get more things done so you can achieve more.  Who doesn’t want to achieve more?

We like to take one large goal and break it into smaller, more attainable “mini-goals”.  This will give you the direction you need if you get off track.  Goals create steps.  The old saying goes, “How do we eat an elephant?” Answer: One bite at a time. No matter what task we have to tackle, we often can’t do it all at once. We can, however take small steps toward completing the task.

Always, always, always write down your goals! Set small, measurable, and attainable goals.  Focus on getting the result that you want.  Why did you set this goal?  Why is it important to you?  Make a commitment to yourself, and then take action with your end-result in mind.  Use your time wisely and work hard.  Don’t waste your valuable time and energy with filler.

Tell everyone you know about your goal.  You have probably heard this a hundred times, but it really works.  This will create accountability, and the more accountability, the more likely you are to succeed!  But, be careful with ones who won’t support you, don’t share with them as a matter of fact, just stay away from them!

One more thing…. “TODAY, not tomorrow” is critical.  Don’t put anything off until tomorrow…it will never get done.  Besides, if it were really important to you, then why would you wait?  Do it TODAY!

What is your Goal?

Let us help you accomplish your goals in 2012.  We want you to have a “NEW” goal in 2013, not the same one you make this year.

Define – Plan – Commit – Take Action – Make No Excuses – Be Persistent- Read Your Goals Daily – & Never QUIT!

Happy New Year!


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Napa Boot Camp Transformation Contest Winners

The results are in and the winners lost a combined weight of 121.4 pounds and that was just the top 4 — in 12 weeks!

A big congratulations to all of our contestants all of you did a great job and I acknowledge how tough it can be to start a fat loss program so you should be very proud of all your efforts. We are proud of you!

Our top four winners are:

1st Place: Rick Lair (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)
2nd Place: Crystal Britto (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
3rd Place: Bob Clark (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
4th Place: Rebecca Offer (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)

All the results are listed below!

If they can do this in 12 weeks just imagine what you could do, if you want to start your journey you can start with our Summer Slim Down program starting May 17th. Click Here for more details about Napa Boot Camp, Sonoma Boot Camp or St. Helena Boot Camp.

I will post my final Lessons Ive Learned post tomorrow. I thought everyone would be inspired by these AMAZING results today!

Your Friend,
Tiffany Larson

There is No Final Destination…..

I know we all have to figure it out for ourselves but I hear so, so, so often:

“What do I do when I get done with this 3 month fitness package?”

“If I do this for 12 weeks and I lose all this weight, will it just come back?”

“Oh, I can’t wait until I this transformation contest is over so I can eat ________ again.”

This is another lesson I have learned over the past 9 years on my fitness and fat loss journey, there is no final destination, you don’t actually get there and then stop, you don’t actually arrive at your destination or goal and park it.

It is an ongoing journey.
What would happen if you put gas in your car every week for 3 months and then just stopped?

You would not get anywhere in that car, right?

What if you did laundry, maybe one load per day, to keep it from piling up and then you stopped?

The laundry pile would get bigger and bigger and bigger, right?

What if, in order to stay organized and keep on top of your business you checked emails once a day but then decided to only check a couple of them, now and again but pretty much stopped following up on those messages?

Your inbox would over flow; you would lose control of your business, right?

So, what if you did a fitness program and exercised almost every day, and started eating clean, cutting down or cutting out all the simple carbs and followed the advice of a professional and you lost 20-30 pounds in 12 weeks and then you stopped?

Your 20-30 pounds would come right back, and then you would start to gain more.

Trust me I know.

Being healthy, being fit and reaching and maintaining your ideal body composition is a journey. You set and reach goals but you must keep going to maintain those goals and you must set new ones in order to keep the journey relevant.

One of the coolest things about staying on the journey is the learning process. I have learned so much about my body and what works for me and what doesn’t. If I quit every time something didn’t work then I would never see the things that do work and if I quit every time something did work and I made progress then I would have to re-do that every time! I surround myself with information and I keep educating myself in things that will help me on my journey.

I appreciate the journey, I know that I am never going back to 217 pounds and I am never going back to 197, 187 or 177. I am on my way to 167, 157, and 147 and then ….. I will not stop. I will keep working on new goals, keep climbing and creating a more interesting journey.

We all have a different story and we are all on our own journey and one of the ways to stay on that journey is to share our experience with others. That is a vital part for me. Maybe, something I share might help someone and I know that you have something to share with a friend or a family member that will help them.
I have made a long term, commitment for life to eat clean and continue to challenge my fitness level and I set my goals around that.

Have you started your journey and stopped? Are you back on your journey now? Have you committed to it being a lifelong process? I hope you are able to think long term for your health and fitness and hope that you share your experience with others! You can even share with us by commenting below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will share Lesson #3: Our Children Are Our Future

Your friend,
Tiffany Larson

P.S. Are you ready to start your journey? We can work together….. You can start on 5/17 with our Summer Slim Down

Lessons I’ve Learned: Part 1

I took some time to write down the lessons I have learned from being fat to fit and since I am still learning these lessons, it will be an ongoing blog post.

However, for now I have a 4 part series and I will give you one lesson per day and it all leads up to our “Summer Slim Down” program which I will tell you more about later…..

Lesson #1
Life is Too Short to Not Enjoy Every Minute…..

After I had my children I reached my heaviest at 217 pounds. And some of you may be reading this going wow, 217 that’s big. Then some of you may read this and think 217, that’s nothin’. Either way, I hope you find something here that you can relate to. We all have our own version of what is average, good, big, bigger and too big…. And that is a personal place.

Me Then....

I think of that day, the day I reached 217 and was about to purchase a pair of size 18 pants as the day I hit ‘bottom’. I was really miserable, I always thought I looked good and I had a good body image but at that point I was sad to see what had become of me in the mirror… Actually I didn’t even see me in the mirror I just saw fatness. And honestly I really didn’t see it coming, but there it was and I left the store crying!

I did not want to get any bigger and I knew that if I wouldn’t have taken immediate and drastic action that the only thing that would happen is, yep, you guessed it, I would get bigger.

I thought to myself, I have a great husband and two brand new children to share my life with only I don’t want to share my life because I am uncomfortable, frustrated and honestly embarrassed. I would never let anyone know that, but deep down inside that is how I felt. I lost myself and hated that feeling.
I remember that feeling of wanting to play with my kids but just not having the energy to do it. Carrying around all that extra weight makes you very tired and actually depressed so the oomph to get up and go just wasn’t there. It made me sad because I was turning down precious opportunities to share precious memories with my children that I can’t EVER get back!

As a family we would go camping and of course camping usually leads to some sort of swimming and I had to get a bathing suit….. I went for several years not wearing a bathing suit because I was just not happy with what I saw in the dressing room and then of course 2 pregnancies later ….. I had to purchase one of those bathing suits that was a full suit with a skirt thingy around the bottom….. I hated that and therefore, when the rest of the family was swimming I was hiding on the beach, hot and miserable again missing out on opportunities to enjoy my family and enjoy my life. You know there is nothing better than getting in the nice cool water on a really hot day, but being fat kept me from that joy.

More of me.....

And clothes, uggh, for several years I would not wear anything that didn’t provide full coverage. As a matter of fact I wore my maternity clothes for at least 2 years after my last child was born….. I used to hate going to work functions or to meetings in maternity clothes, especially 2 years after the pregnancy. I really felt unprofessional and quite frumpy most of the time which in turn made me shy away from business opportunities and building relationships with people.

I guess what I am trying to say here is, being fat gave me feelings of depression and self consciousness, it made me tired and grouchy and those feelings resulted in me turning down great things in my life and life is just too short to not fully enjoy every single wonderful opportunity that we are blessed with everyday!

So I started my journey to get back to a place where I felt alive again, confident again, a place where I was able to play with my children and swim with my family and have some level of looking good when I left the house! Boot camp and my friends from camp have been the biggest part of that journey.

I am still on that journey, I am not where I want to be exactly yet, but I am sure a lot better than I was 50 pounds ago!

Less of me Now...

I hope you are on your journey, I know there is something out there that will work for you if you haven’t found it yet. Today, make a committment to yourself to start something, make the first step and each day will get you closer to your goals!

It now brings me joy to help others on their journey…… to get fit, to lose weight and to feel happy again! I see it happen every day and invite you to email me if you are ready to take the next step and start on that road – I am here to help.

Your Friend,
Napa / Sonoma / St. Helena Adventure Boot Camp

P.S. If you relate to how I felt or maybe you are in a different place but really want to get started in a fitness and nutrition program and work towards your goals we are starting our Summer Slim Down program on 5/17! Now is the time to get started! Click here for more information about Summer Slim Down

P.S.S. Stay tuned for Lesson #2 Tomorrow: There is No Destination….

Procrastinators of the World Unite- Napa Fitness Boot Camp

Man the funniest thing about putting things off:

1.) Usually the task is WAY easier than we have it built up to be in our crazy heads. Right? Usually when we finally make it a priority to accomplish that one thing we have been putting off, it is like, easy… it doesn’t take long and you almost feel kind of lame for not doing it sooner, huh? Like starting a fitness program.

2.) You really feel like you accomplished something when you get ‘it’ done. Like filing a stack of papers, it takes about 15 minutes, however when you are done you feel like you remodeled the house. You get an instant ‘I am so proud of myself’ moment’

3.) We all do it. So why? Interestingly enough we talked about this at RKC as well. No matter what our bodies ALWAYS take the path of least resistance.

There is a delightful story that goes along with this. We have flourescent lights in our garage. You may or may not know this but people in the 21st century actually use lights to see what they are doing! Genius invention! However, one by one over the last 5 or 6 years each one of our flourescent light tubes in the garage (16 total) has burned out. For the last 4 or so months we have had about 2 of them hanging on by a thread, sort of flickering and honestly I couldn’t see to do the laundry unless it was day time and I opened the side door and it was a sunny day. How pathetic is that?

So we brought in a spot light, a small one that we had used for light at one time in the Sonoma Boot Camp, that burnt out as well mainly because it wasn’t on a light switch and we had to walk ALLLLLL the way across the garage to turn it off and of course it rarely got turned off. So once that was gone we put another similar spot light in its place, yep, you guessed it, it burned out. So for a short while we have pretty much not been able to use our garage past sun down.

Why didn’t we just go over to the Home Depot and buy some flourescent tubes and put them up? Well somewhere between crazy and reality we must have thought it was going to cost like $14,000 for light bulbs and take 4 men 3 months to put them up and that seemed WAY to hard so we just never did it….
Well would you?

So today we were driving home from the 9 am Napa boot camp and Jeff said, ‘what do you want to do’ and I said I would like to go to the Home Depot and get some light bulbs for our garage. Keep in mind this wasn’t a special day, just Wednesday. And we had not received a $14,000 windfall or decide on 3 month vacation to install lights. We finally reached that point where we were like, okay, I get it, it is time, let’s just go buy some lights… Do Not pass GO just go straight to the Home Depot.

We bought the lights, 20 bulbs, $43.07, whoooaaa! We got home and we had 15 minutes before we had to pick up the girls from school……. it took us 12 minutes to replace all of them.



12 minutes?

And of course we just stood there with enormous grins on our face because we had REALLY accomplished something! It was a real self-esteem booster.

What are you putting off? Unfinished business? Is there something you know you need to do and keep telling yourself you need to do but just aren’t doing it?

It is probably simple if you write it down and put it on the top of your things to do?

You will feel really good once it is done!

Share it with us below in the comments, we would love to hear from you. Maybe we can help.

See you soon!
Tiffany and Jeff

P.S. Visit us at for your Free One Week Trial

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