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Napa Boot Camp Transformation Contest Winners

The results are in and the winners lost a combined weight of 121.4 pounds and that was just the top 4 — in 12 weeks!

A big congratulations to all of our contestants all of you did a great job and I acknowledge how tough it can be to start a fat loss program so you should be very proud of all your efforts. We are proud of you!

Our top four winners are:

1st Place: Rick Lair (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)
2nd Place: Crystal Britto (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
3rd Place: Bob Clark (Napa Boot Camp 6:00 pm)
4th Place: Rebecca Offer (Napa Boot Camp 5:30 am)

All the results are listed below!

If they can do this in 12 weeks just imagine what you could do, if you want to start your journey you can start with our Summer Slim Down program starting May 17th. Click Here for more details about Napa Boot Camp, Sonoma Boot Camp or St. Helena Boot Camp.

I will post my final Lessons Ive Learned post tomorrow. I thought everyone would be inspired by these AMAZING results today!

Your Friend,
Tiffany Larson


Lessons I’ve Learned, Part 3: The Children Are Our Future

I have been overweight all of Maddie and Mia’s life. It is getting better and they have seen me lose 50 pounds but one thing I have learned is that children do what their parents do and sometimes with much struggle they do what we say as well.

One of my biggest reasons for making better food decisions and making fitness a high priority in my life is so that my daughters grow up surrounded by that influence.

I read different reports but in the book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. there are some staggering estimations:

– It is estimated that over 25% of school aged children in America are obese.
– An overweight child develops heart disease earlier in life.
– Mortality data suggests that being overweight during early adult life is more dangerous than a similar degree of heaviness later in adult life.
– The #1 health problem in the United States is obesity.
– If our current trend continues, by the year 2030 all adults in the United States will be obese.
– People whose parents are obese have a tenfold increased risk of being obese.

I think you get the point.

With all those odds stacked against my kids I have to work harder than any parents in generations past to make sure that my children have fighting chance against obesity and a life filled with illness.

But before I started my own healthy journey, I started to realize quickly that when you start at a very young age your children will eat what you put in front of them for the most part. Maybe there are certain things they don’t like but as the parent I was the one that encouraged the healthy choices…. if I didn’t buy gold fish crackers, my kids would be forced to eat apples for a snack. If I didn’t buy sugary yogurt tubes, my kids would have to eat bananas as a snack. If I didn’t buy ‘chicken nuggets’ (what is a nugget anyways) then my kids would have to eat real chicken breast.

Early on I taught my children that snacks are healthy food that fuel our bodies and help us grow healthy. And that pudding, yogurt tubes, gold fish crackers, graham crackers, chips, cookies, ice cream, fruit snacks and juice are NOT snacks. They are ‘treats’ and are ‘every once in a while’ foods.

Now that they are a little older we talk about commercials on T.V. The commercials that try to get your kids to think ‘it’s part of a healthy breakfast’ or this juice is a complete source of vitamin C…. or any of the other bull crap that they are brainwashing our children with. They tell me when they think that that information doesn’t sound right and we work together on making healthy choices.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all love goodies just like anyone else and we do have them, however, I am hoping that my children grow up knowing that fruits, vegetables, and whole food are staples and not packaged convenience items that are almost suffocating people whereever they go now a days.

I know it can be difficult to battle with the little ones because they are pretty powerful when it comes to getting what they want. But here are some things that I have learned and have worked for me in staying ahead of the battle:

1.) Educate, educate, educate. Make sure your children know what they are eating. Read the ingredients to them. If you can’t even pronounce the words in the ingredients…. they are gonna ask you ‘what is that’ and you can remind them that food companies use all kinds of processing agents to make food have a certain color, a certain taste and a certain shelf life and that those things are very bad to put in our bodies.

And on the flip side of that, explain to them the good things that whole foods do for our bodies. Get creative because kids are a tough sell.

Teach your children about serving sizes. Most of them don’t realize that the bag of chips they get from the store is usually 2 or 3 servings. Or a whole bowl of ice cream is 3 or 4 servings….

2.) Make deals. I mean you are master of your domain and if you just do a clean sweep of your house and get rid of all the crap then that is up to you, but you might have some crazy troops on your hands! So start out slowly. Have the kids pick one junk item that you always purchase that they will trade in this week for a real fresh fruit or a cleaner version. Do this once a week or every other week until you have cleaned out all the junk.

And in the meantime, if they want a ‘treat’ item, limit it or make a deal that if they drink a whole glass of water and have some clean foods then they can have some of what they want. Ususally by the time they finish the water and the healthy snack they have forgotten about the treat….(usually but not always 🙂

3.) Encourage your children to be active. Put a limit on T.V. time. Find an activity that you can do together. Search for a sport they are compatible with.

4.) Set a good example. Just do the best you can and nevermind how things have been in the past. Today is a new day and we have many days to come….. Show your children that starting now, eating clean healthy food is a priority because you want to be healthy and feel better and that you make exercise a priority in your life because you are important to you! And that you want to be stronger and healthier!

Chances are if you develop these new habits, make them a high priority and stay consistent the rest of the family will follow along!

I would love to hear your comments below on how you are helping your children make good choices and how your new healthy journey has helped your family!
Your friend,
Tiffany Larson

P.S. If you need help with your fitness or nutrition you can get all that and more at Napa Boot Camp or Sonoma Boot Camp or St. Helena Boot Camp. Check out Summer Slim Down, it starts soon and you can save $60!

There is No Final Destination…..

I know we all have to figure it out for ourselves but I hear so, so, so often:

“What do I do when I get done with this 3 month fitness package?”

“If I do this for 12 weeks and I lose all this weight, will it just come back?”

“Oh, I can’t wait until I this transformation contest is over so I can eat ________ again.”

This is another lesson I have learned over the past 9 years on my fitness and fat loss journey, there is no final destination, you don’t actually get there and then stop, you don’t actually arrive at your destination or goal and park it.

It is an ongoing journey.
What would happen if you put gas in your car every week for 3 months and then just stopped?

You would not get anywhere in that car, right?

What if you did laundry, maybe one load per day, to keep it from piling up and then you stopped?

The laundry pile would get bigger and bigger and bigger, right?

What if, in order to stay organized and keep on top of your business you checked emails once a day but then decided to only check a couple of them, now and again but pretty much stopped following up on those messages?

Your inbox would over flow; you would lose control of your business, right?

So, what if you did a fitness program and exercised almost every day, and started eating clean, cutting down or cutting out all the simple carbs and followed the advice of a professional and you lost 20-30 pounds in 12 weeks and then you stopped?

Your 20-30 pounds would come right back, and then you would start to gain more.

Trust me I know.

Being healthy, being fit and reaching and maintaining your ideal body composition is a journey. You set and reach goals but you must keep going to maintain those goals and you must set new ones in order to keep the journey relevant.

One of the coolest things about staying on the journey is the learning process. I have learned so much about my body and what works for me and what doesn’t. If I quit every time something didn’t work then I would never see the things that do work and if I quit every time something did work and I made progress then I would have to re-do that every time! I surround myself with information and I keep educating myself in things that will help me on my journey.

I appreciate the journey, I know that I am never going back to 217 pounds and I am never going back to 197, 187 or 177. I am on my way to 167, 157, and 147 and then ….. I will not stop. I will keep working on new goals, keep climbing and creating a more interesting journey.

We all have a different story and we are all on our own journey and one of the ways to stay on that journey is to share our experience with others. That is a vital part for me. Maybe, something I share might help someone and I know that you have something to share with a friend or a family member that will help them.
I have made a long term, commitment for life to eat clean and continue to challenge my fitness level and I set my goals around that.

Have you started your journey and stopped? Are you back on your journey now? Have you committed to it being a lifelong process? I hope you are able to think long term for your health and fitness and hope that you share your experience with others! You can even share with us by commenting below!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will share Lesson #3: Our Children Are Our Future

Your friend,
Tiffany Larson

P.S. Are you ready to start your journey? We can work together….. You can start on 5/17 with our Summer Slim Down

Lessons I’ve Learned: Part 1

I took some time to write down the lessons I have learned from being fat to fit and since I am still learning these lessons, it will be an ongoing blog post.

However, for now I have a 4 part series and I will give you one lesson per day and it all leads up to our “Summer Slim Down” program which I will tell you more about later…..

Lesson #1
Life is Too Short to Not Enjoy Every Minute…..

After I had my children I reached my heaviest at 217 pounds. And some of you may be reading this going wow, 217 that’s big. Then some of you may read this and think 217, that’s nothin’. Either way, I hope you find something here that you can relate to. We all have our own version of what is average, good, big, bigger and too big…. And that is a personal place.

Me Then....

I think of that day, the day I reached 217 and was about to purchase a pair of size 18 pants as the day I hit ‘bottom’. I was really miserable, I always thought I looked good and I had a good body image but at that point I was sad to see what had become of me in the mirror… Actually I didn’t even see me in the mirror I just saw fatness. And honestly I really didn’t see it coming, but there it was and I left the store crying!

I did not want to get any bigger and I knew that if I wouldn’t have taken immediate and drastic action that the only thing that would happen is, yep, you guessed it, I would get bigger.

I thought to myself, I have a great husband and two brand new children to share my life with only I don’t want to share my life because I am uncomfortable, frustrated and honestly embarrassed. I would never let anyone know that, but deep down inside that is how I felt. I lost myself and hated that feeling.
I remember that feeling of wanting to play with my kids but just not having the energy to do it. Carrying around all that extra weight makes you very tired and actually depressed so the oomph to get up and go just wasn’t there. It made me sad because I was turning down precious opportunities to share precious memories with my children that I can’t EVER get back!

As a family we would go camping and of course camping usually leads to some sort of swimming and I had to get a bathing suit….. I went for several years not wearing a bathing suit because I was just not happy with what I saw in the dressing room and then of course 2 pregnancies later ….. I had to purchase one of those bathing suits that was a full suit with a skirt thingy around the bottom….. I hated that and therefore, when the rest of the family was swimming I was hiding on the beach, hot and miserable again missing out on opportunities to enjoy my family and enjoy my life. You know there is nothing better than getting in the nice cool water on a really hot day, but being fat kept me from that joy.

More of me.....

And clothes, uggh, for several years I would not wear anything that didn’t provide full coverage. As a matter of fact I wore my maternity clothes for at least 2 years after my last child was born….. I used to hate going to work functions or to meetings in maternity clothes, especially 2 years after the pregnancy. I really felt unprofessional and quite frumpy most of the time which in turn made me shy away from business opportunities and building relationships with people.

I guess what I am trying to say here is, being fat gave me feelings of depression and self consciousness, it made me tired and grouchy and those feelings resulted in me turning down great things in my life and life is just too short to not fully enjoy every single wonderful opportunity that we are blessed with everyday!

So I started my journey to get back to a place where I felt alive again, confident again, a place where I was able to play with my children and swim with my family and have some level of looking good when I left the house! Boot camp and my friends from camp have been the biggest part of that journey.

I am still on that journey, I am not where I want to be exactly yet, but I am sure a lot better than I was 50 pounds ago!

Less of me Now...

I hope you are on your journey, I know there is something out there that will work for you if you haven’t found it yet. Today, make a committment to yourself to start something, make the first step and each day will get you closer to your goals!

It now brings me joy to help others on their journey…… to get fit, to lose weight and to feel happy again! I see it happen every day and invite you to email me if you are ready to take the next step and start on that road – I am here to help.

Your Friend,
Napa / Sonoma / St. Helena Adventure Boot Camp

P.S. If you relate to how I felt or maybe you are in a different place but really want to get started in a fitness and nutrition program and work towards your goals we are starting our Summer Slim Down program on 5/17! Now is the time to get started! Click here for more information about Summer Slim Down

P.S.S. Stay tuned for Lesson #2 Tomorrow: There is No Destination….

Weekend Survival Fat Loss Tips

The weekend is almost here! The weekend is a time we all look forward to but for some people can be a danger zone for their fat loss progress.

Today I will share with a you a few simple tips to get through the weekend with out putting your fat loss efforts at risk!

1.) Planning & Preparation

Take a look at what your weekend looks like before you dive right in to the good times! I know this time of year can be very busy especially for moms we have lots of activities like social gatherings and taking kids to sports activities.

If you know you are going to spend a few hours out at a little league game take some time the night before to prepare some healthy snacks, chop up some veggies, package some ready to eat fruit, make your own sandwiches or meals that you can take with you and don’t forget the water!

Prepare yourself and the other family members in advance by letting them know that most of the food at the ‘snack bar’ is unhealthy and by planning and preparing food in advance there should be no reason for hot dogs, nachos and sodas.

You will feel a lot better when you get home because you didn’t stop your fat loss efforts and also for helping your family make better choices as well!

2.) Don’t Skip Breakfast

Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A research group analyzed government data on 4,200 adults. They found that regular breakfast eaters were more likely to exercise regularly. And women who ate breakfast regularly tended to eat fewer calories overall during the day.

Try a breakfast with some protein and some complex carbohydrates to start your day, like a 2 egg scramble with some spinach and mozzarella cheese and a few strawberries or apple slices. Or keep it super simple and almost indulgent and invest in a really great meal replacement or protein powder and make yourself a quick shake in the morning! Here is a link to a great recipe you can try: Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Shake

A good breakfast will keep you full and satisfied and less likely to indulge in the foods that don’t support your fat loss efforts.

3.) Keep on Movin’

When you are following tip number one and planning out your weekend, make sure you plan some time for a workout or some type of activity where you are moving your body!

You can plan a workout for yourself or yourself and some friends, you can plan a walk with the family or plan a more rigorous hike, maybe a bike ride, maybe shooting hoops with the kids or heading to the gym for some time with yourself. Whatever you choose make sure you have it planned in to your weekend and other stuff gets planned around it that way it is one priority that will get done.

I am sure if you choose one or all of the tips above you will not only have a very successful weekend but you will feel better on Monday morning! And you won’t have to worry about getting back on ‘the wagon’ because you will have never fallen off!

Take good care, until next time!

Your Friend –

Spot Treatment: What is the BEST Butt and Thigh Exercise? By: Napa Boot Camp

As a fitness trainer, I always get asked “What is the best exercise for…” you can fill in the blank. One of the most common areas many women are concerned with is the lower body, specifically the butt and thighs. There are many exercises that will build the muscle in this area and I am going to share one of my favorite lower body exercise and some variations of it here. It’s called the Bulgarian Split Squat.

You can change the thunder thighs into wonder thighs but before we get into this, one thing I definitely don’t want to do is contribute to the belief of individual body part training and spot reduction on certain areas of the body. I am a keen believer in total body training, meaning that we train the upper body, lower body, and core during every single workout. Training single body parts was born from the bodybuilder method which is not optimal for fat burning. By training the whole body at once we maximally stimulate lean muscle gain and metabolism and promote total body fat burning in order to effectively eliminate the body fat that is hiding those areas that people are having trouble seeing. You know the stubborn fat areas that prevent a good body from becoming a great body.

And as we have discussed, a diet high in lean protein, fiber, and green veggies and low in unnatural fats and refined sugars and starches is of course a pre-requisite if you want to see your muscles pop in a good way. It is also important to know that you lose fat in a genetically predetermined way. You can do all the crunches you want but without total body training, proper eating habits, and time and consistency to get to those stubborn fat areas you will never get rid of your gut, jiggly arms, or the junk in the trunk.

Back to one of my favorite exercises… the world’s greatest lower body exercise. My favorite leg exercises are any sort of lunge variation because I prefer single leg exercise in lieu of their double leg counterparts for a lot of reasons. For people with back issues, single leg exercises allow them to safely perform lower body exercises without putting their lower lumbar spine in jeopardy. Furthermore, I feel there’s often such a strength and/or flexibility imbalance between one leg and the other for most people that it’s critical to address one leg at a time to really shore up the weak links from the start.

My favorite lunge variation is called the Bulgarian Split Squat or the rear foot elevated lunge. So basically we’re going to elevate the back foot on a chair, bench, box, or any other sturdy foot support, usually about 12-18 inches high. You’ll put your front leg well in front of you in order to make sure that your front knee and ankle are lined up. In general, I tell people to exaggerate how far you put your front leg forward so that the front knee is almost slightly behind the ankle as this really helps reduce sheer force on the knees. Initiate the exercise by loading the front heel and dropping your hips as low as you can in a pain-free range of motion while staying really tall up top with a proud chest and shoulders down and back. Finish the rep by explosively driving through your front heel to return to the top of the movement. You can start with body weight only in search of front thigh parallel to the floor or lower depth and then progress by adding speed of movement or by adding dumbbells. You can even incorporate some very cool combination movements with this lower body exercise like adding a curl to press at the top of the movement or even by raising dumbbells overhead to really challenge your core and single-leg balance and stability.

See the video below for a complete demo of all of the different variations of the rear-foot elevated lunge:

I have yet to find an exercise that hits the legs as hard as this exercise does. In particular, it really helps strengthen your vastus medialis muscle, which is that inner quad muscle that looks like a teardrop, that’s heavily responsible for tracking your patella and keeping your knee caps in line. So if you have a history of overtraining or patella-femoral issues this exercise is phenomenal for keeping your knees as bulletproof as possible.

Also, what’s great about it too is that it provides a very good stretch for the hip flexor of your back leg, an area that is often very tight, especially for many of us that spend a lot of time sitting in a car or at a desk. Any exercise that allows you to simultaneously stretch and strengthen your body is a real keeper. Don’t waste another moment with the useless adductor machine (a.k.a. the sex machine) and get off your butt and really work it with the world’s best lower body exercise today!

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